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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Granola Bars

(Images courtesy Lindsey Lett)

1\4 c butter or margerine
1 pkg. (250g) marshmellows
2 tbsp. white corn syrup
1 tsp vanilla

31\2 c granola cereal ( I used just plain oatmeal which you can buy at costco or a small store in nampo-dong)
2 c rice krispees (homeplus)
1\2 c coconut (homeplus)
1 c choc. chips
1 c mini marshmellows (I just cut the big marshmellows into small pieces)

1 c choc chips
2 tbsp shortening

Combine granola, rice krispees, coconut in bowl and set aside.
Melt butter, marshmellows,and corn syrup over med heat in large saucepan. Stir frequently.Once melted remove from heat and add vanilla. Add 1\2 granola mix and stir quickly. Add remaining granola mix, mini marshmellows, and choc. chips. Mix well. Press into a 9X13 pan.(Wet hands with cold water and press).

Melt choc. chip & shortening in micro wave approx. 2 min on high. Stir once @ 1 min. Pour over granola and spread out. Let set and cut into bars.


(Courtesy Katie McGifford)

*The pictures above show a variation of the recipe. I used Cheerios instead of Rice Krispies. I also substituted raisins for the mini marshmallows and left off the topping. I used the oatmeal rather than granola cereal to cut a little sugar. I stuck mine in the fridge to speed up chow time! ;) Really EASY! I think you could easily use what you have on hand so long as your proportions stay constant and you use the first three ingredients as your constant binding adgent! Have fun and experiment!

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